AKDY AZ-EA44EC-75 Wine Chiller Review

Whether you’re just a growing wine enthusiast or an actual oenophile, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars on the construction of a home wine cellar. As an alternative, a thermoelectric wine cooler like AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 is a meaningful and reasonable way to keep your wine properly while waiting to open them on special occasions!

AKDY AZ-EA44EC-75 Wine Chiller – Features

This sleek silver lined cabinet with a stainless steel trim on the doors is a single zoned wine cooler that comes as a free standing unit. It has a double transparent glass window view which displays the well-laid wine bottles inside. The LED lighting inside the refrigerator illuminates it’s inside giving its contents a magnificent display. The glass doors are tempered and insulated offering protections to the wine from UV light which might damage the wine.


The wine chiller works with a thermoelectric cooling mechanism. Unlike your ordinary refrigerators, this appliance does not have a refrigerant liquid. This makes it incredibly quiet for a refrigerator. This can be credited to the few moving parts in a thermoelectric system. The system has insignificant vibrations which would disturb the sediment in the wine making it taste unpleasant.

Temperature Range and Controls

The AKDY AZ-EA44EC-75 Wine Chiller uses a digital thermostat which has handy push buttons to regulate temperatures. A digital temperature display also enables close watch on the wines. It has a disadvantage of not being very efficient in areas with extreme temperature differences.


This wine chiller has eight well-positioned shelves which enable it to hold up to 32 standard sized wine bottles (750 ml).


Eight (8) full-width, chrome-plated chrome removable shelves.


20 x 13.4 x 32.3 inches
Weight: 50 pounds

Voltage and Power

The equipment operates on a favorable energy consumption scale while dissipating minimal heat which makes is an ideal piece.

AKDY AZ-EA44EC-75 Wine Chiller


This wine chiller is an ideal appliance for a small scale wine storage plan. On top of the attractiveness of this cooler, it is amazing on how it brings down temperatures. Here are some other selling points:

1. The use of a thermoelectric cooling system makes the wine cooler very environmentally friendly. This is because it does not use ozone-depleting chemicals like CFCs.

2. It is spacious enough to hold up to 32 standard sized wine bottles
3. The interior LED lighting gives the bottles an elegant appearance giving the wine bottles gentle visibility.

4. It uses a digitalized temperature regulating system with touch panel control buttons which provide for accurate regulation of the ambient temperatures for the wines to be kept in.


The wine chiller requires being closely monitored for the temperatures to remain ideal. Serving wine while excessively cold distorts the flavor notes. High temperatures accelerate the wine’s aging speed.
Another shortcoming of this appliance is its inability to hold odd sizes of wine bottles.

AKDY AZ-EA44EC-75 Wine Chiller – Consumer Ratings

Generally positive; we reckon it’s a good all round wine chiller to have.


Average price for the size and capacity; free shipping with Amazon.


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