AKDY WC0021 Wine Chiller Review

The AKDY WC0021 is ideal for those looking for a dual zone, counter top wine chiller. Allowing for a 50-60F degrees temperature range, the wines can be held at ideal serving temperatures or for longer term storage. With its shiny black color, paned doors and LED illumination, it creates that classy look for your room.


This dual zone wine chiller comes in shiny black color and is designed to hold up to 21 bottles on seven wooden shelves. It has two rear vents which operate with a button control system for temperature regulation. It has a double-paned door for an elegant display of your wine collection.

AKDY WC0021 Wine Chiller – System

The wine chiller operates on a thermoelectric cooling system. It does not use coolant liquids like most regular refrigerators. This gives it a very silent operation with no vibrations.

Temperature Range and Controls

The cooler has two temperature control zones. An upper zone which operates at 44°F-66°F, and a lower zone which runs at 50°F-66°F, controlled by a button system.


Based on its internal dimensions, the cooler comfortably holds 21 standard sized wine bottles


This wine chiller has been designed with seven well-positioned wooden shelves. The wooden shelves ensure they do not conduct any unwanted heat to and from the wine. Furthermore, the shelves can be removed if you need to clean your cooler.


20 (height) x 13.4 (width) x 32.3 (depth) inches.
Weight: Fifty-seven (57) pounds shipping weight.

Voltage and Power

Standard voltage of 100-120 volts and 60 Hz. Low power consumption of only 70 watts.


Here are the highlights:

1. Decent storage capacity of 21 standard sized bottles

2. LED illumination on the inside gives a distinct classy display

3. Noise-free and so, can be placed anywhere at home

4. Free standing with adjustable legs; can be shifted to other positions comfortably


1. Button-controlled temperature system – this may not be a major concern for most

2. Requires stable ambient temperatures to operate smoothly

Consumer Ratings

Good ratings overall, and definitely deserving of it.

AKDY WC0021 Wine Chiller – Price

Priced competitively and with distinct plus points, we think it is a good deal; the Amazon free shipping is simply a bonus

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