Avanti EWC1201 Wine Cooler Review

The Avanti EWC1201 Wine Cooler has found popularity with many wine enthusiasts and first time wine drinkers alike. For those who live in apartments, this is certainly an option to consider as its relatively small dimensions fit into most spaces. The cooler’s layout of shelves also allows for 4 standing bottles of wine, which is useful when you have opened bottles that you wish to store away for another occasion.

Avanti EWC1201 Wine Cooler Features

The Avanti EWC1201 is a counter-top model of wine coolers that is small enough to fit in most kitchens. With dimensions of just 20.2 x 10 x 25.2 inches and a capacity of 12 bottles, this model is perfect for those who are just starting out in storing wines and do not have space for a full scale, floor-to-ceiling wine cooler.

Here’s a review of some of the main features:

*Vertical storage for up to 4 opened bottles – means you do not have to finish your wine at one go
*Black color, metal construction blends in with most appliances in the kitchen.
*Platinum finishing for a sleek, modern look.
*Quiet operation with no vibration


The Avanti EWC1201 runs on a Thermoelectric cooling system. This means that there is no refrigerant liquid unlike in Compressor systems (like your refrigerator). Thermoelectric systems do not have many moving parts, are known to be quieter and have little to no vibration. However, they tend to work less effectively in areas with more temperature fluctuations or warm climates.

Temperature Range and Controls

The wine cooler has LED controls with a display, which makes it easy to see and use. Some users have noted that the temperature controls may require a “reset” before being used for the first time. This means you might have to remove the plastic cover from the top hinge, unplug the connector, and plug it back in with the power on. After this, simply replace the plastic cover and your unit should be working well.


The Avanti EWC1201 has a capacity of 12 bottles: 8 bottles lying flat on the shelves, and 4 bottles standing, which is perfect when you want to store away opened bottles to drink another time. This isn’t a wine cooler you would get if you had a cellar full of wines, and wanted a way to store all of it. For that you would need a much larger option. But it’s great if you are looking to store just a small number of wines for special occasions or to drink once in a while.

Avanti EWC1201 Wine Cooler


The wine cooler’s shelves are removable. If you have larger wine bottles (such as 1.5L), you could remove the second wire shelf to store the larger bottles upright.


20.2 x 10 x 25.2 inches
Weight: 27 pounds (12.25 kg)


The unit’s weight of 27 pounds (12.25 kg) makes it relatively easy to install and move about. Being a free standing unit, it is best to leave it on a counter top or on the floor, but with at least 5 inches of clearance around the cooler, for ventilation.

Voltage and Power

With small voltage of 120V, and a thermoelectric system, the Avanti EWC1201 does not consume a lot of energy.


While it is not necessary to buy other accessories to make the wine cooler work, many wine enthusiasts love the following for convenience:

*Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener
*Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump
*Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer


Vertical storage for opened bottles. Removable shelves. Relatively small and easy to set up. Quiet operation.


Limited to 12 bottles. May not work as effectively in warmer climates – consider getting a compressor system instead, such as the Danby DWC1233BL-SC Compressor Wine Cooler.

Avanti EWC1201 Consumer Ratings

Over 400 customers have given an excellent rating on this wine cooler. With many reviews, there’s enough feedback for you to decide if this wine cooler is suitable for your home. One of the main selling points is the option for storing wines upright, with a unique shelf catering to vertical storage.

Avanti EWC1201 Price

The pricing of Avanti EWC1201 wine cooler tends to vary, but Amazon tends to have the best deal. The free shipping is also a welcome relief due to the weight of 27 pounds which would normally incur delivery charges.

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