Culinair AW162S Wine Cooler Review

The Culinair AW162S Wine Cooler (Silver/ Black) is a good choice when you need to store more than a dozen bottles of wine at a time. With the plethora of wine coolers available in the market today, this product from Culinair happens to be something that’s well-loved by many wine collectors, enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Culinair AW162S Wine Cooler Features

Here are the features and amenities that you can expect from this cooler from Culinair:

• Accommodates 16 bottles of wine at a time
• Powered and enhanced with state of the art thermoelectric technology
• Comes with a glass door that allows you to clearly display wine bottles
• Has adjustable feet – you can raise it to reduce vibration on the ground
• Features an adjustable temperature control button for your desired level of temperature


The Culinair AW162S Wine Cooler runs with a thermoelectric system and this is something that ensures operation without vibration. This wine cooler does not produce noise, so you can chill bottles without being disturbed. In short, this cooler functions quietly without any annoying vibrations.

Temperature Range and Controls

Temperature range of this wine cooler is from 50F to 58F, a perfect choice for aging wines. It comes with a thermostat but lacks a temperature readout.


This wine cooler model is designed to fit 16 bottles of wine at a time – It allows you to store standard-sized bottles of different brands. It’s also a good choice when you want to enhance the look of your kitchen with an attractive wine cooler placed over your counter-top.


The Culinair AW162S Thermoelectric 16-Bottle Wine Cooler comes with four shelves, including the base. Each shelf can contain four bottles which totals to sixteen bottles at the same time.


Height: 16.3 inches; Width: 20.7 inches; Depth: 17.7 inches; Weight: 36.2 pounds

Basing from the dimensions mentioned above, we can say that this wine cooler is sleek and small compared to other wine coolers that can store the same number of wines.

The only issue is that it weighs somewhat heavier than other brands and models of wine coolers with similar capacity. However, this may not be a major issue if you love how this cooler is designed and if it matches perfectly with your kitchen or counter-top.

Voltage Power

The standard voltage power of an appliance is 120V. This gives the assurance that it works well with most electrical systems for homes.

Culinair AW162S Wine Cooler


This product from Culinair fits perfectly under the standard 18 inches cabinet clearance. It functions quietly so you will never have to be annoyed as it operates day in and day out.


The downside of this product is that it comes without temperature readout. When you need to adjust the cooling level, you will be using the rotary dial instead of a digital control, something that this wine cooler lacks.

Culinair AW162S Wine Cooler Consumer Ratings

On Amazon, around 70 customers have reviewed this product and given it a respectable rating. The lack of digital temperature controls and a temperature readout would be the main concern for some people.


The price of the Culinair AW162S Wine Cooler varies from one seller to another, but the free shipping from Amazon is an incentive to purchase from there.


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