Danby DWC1233BL-SC Wine Cooler Review

Wine is a kind of drink that is enjoyed by millions of people from all over the world. Wine can be consumed during a dinner, when you need to relax before bedtime or when you celebrate something. If you require a convenient way to store and cool your wines at home, then the Danby DWC1233BL-SC Wine Cooler  may be a possible option for you!

Danby DWC1233BL-SC Wine Cooler – Features

The Danby DWC1233BL-SC 12 Bottle Wine Cooler is a wine cooler that can be perfectly placed over your countertop. It is teeming with features that will make every use very easy, convenient and enjoyable. Here is a list of some of the good features that you may not be able to find from other types of wine cooler and wine cellars out there:

• Comes with 12-bottle capacity
• Comes with clear glass door
• Features a blue interior light
• Semi-conductor cooling system without the refrigerants
• Quiet operation guaranteed without the vibration
• Features an intuitive button thermostat that can be set from 50F to 64.4F or 10C to 18C
• 3 storage shelves in contoured chrome


The Danby DWC1233BL-SC Wine Cooler works with a compressor which is known to be time-tested and should give you a continuous supply of cool or chilled wine. The other major type of system in the market, the thermoelectric system of wine coolers, isn’t as effective in cooling wines in warmer climates (especially when the temperature reaches 85F to 90F).

Temperature Range and Controls

This wine cooler comes with an intuitive push button thermostat that allows you to set the temperature from 50F to 64.4F. Simply switch on the cool blue LED light, allowing you to gaze and look through the clear glass door and admire the stash without disturbing it. On the other hand, maintaining a constant humidity poses a challenge and is usually on the low side. This would be a problem for storing wines for a long period of time. However, the Danby Wine Cooler should be fine for short-term storage (by the months).

Danby DWC1233BL-SC Wine Cooler


The Wine Cooler safely contains a dozen of your favorite bottles of wine. This can be done using the three contoured chrome shelves. Each shelf can accommodate three bottles at a time; up to twelve bottles stored at a time including the ones placed at the bottom.


The shelves of the wine cooler are made from contoured chrome, serving as a safe cradle of your bottled wine for a period of time. Racks or shelves can also be removed to fit in taller bottles of wine.


The following are the dimensions of the Danby DWC1233BL-SC Wine Cooler:

Height: 46.80 inches; Width: 34.00 inches; Depth: 51.00 inches;

Weight: 25.80 pounds

With these dimensions, this wine cooler is quite easy to move around your kitchen, specifically on your countertop. With its weight, it’s definitely lighter than many wine coolers out there in the market.

Voltage and Power

This Danby Wine Cooler works with 120V and is also categorized as a high-efficiency cooler.

Danby DWC1233BL-SC Wine Cooler – Pros

This cooler comes with many cool features such as high efficiency, earth-friendly, low vibration, convenient push button thermostat, LED light, etc. Indeed, an excellent choice when you need to store and cool twelve bottles of wine at a time, while having a sleek display.


There are times when the unit tends to vibrate due to its compressor system. Not perfectly quiet but not that loud either. The interior blue LED light has a switch which is located inside – this may be an issue for some who prefer it on the outside.

Consumer Ratings

248 customers in Amazon have already reviewed and rated this item – overall, it has a decent, mixed rating. There may be better options for those who live in cooler climates (a thermoelectric cooler may work fine). However, those who live in hotter areas will find this cooler a blessing – there are not that many compressor coolers which come in smaller sizes such as this model.

Danby DWC1233BL-SC Wine Cooler – Price

Pricing for the Danby 1233BL-SC is reasonable with free shipping from Amazon.


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