Firebird WC0029 Wine Chiller Review

For every wine enthusiast looking to build their wine collection without the hassle of creating an entire cellar, this modern device will enable them to hold a variety of wines while giving them the proper care and attention as it matures. This wine chiller comes in an ideal size with all the features for wine lovers.

Firebird WC0029 Wine Chiller – Features

The Firebird WC0029 Wine Chiller operates on two temperature zones (dual zone) with a temperature range of 44-66F. The appliance comes with double paned glass doors with rear vents and a double cabin- top and bottom, in case you want to store both red and white wines separately. This wine cooler also comes with adjustable legs which enable you to position it on different surfaces (since it is freestanding). The thermoelectric system makes it ideal for minimizing vibrations and wines can age without disturbance.


This wine chiller operates on a thermoelectric cooling system which hardly makes any noise. There are very few moving parts which result in lesser vibrations. Vibrations are known to disturb the sediments in wine, causing it to develop an unpleasant taste.

Temperature Range and Controls

With touch controls the Firebird WC0029 enables the wine user to keep drinks at a temperature ranging from 44 to 66F degrees. There are 2 zones (dual zones) so you can store wines at different temperatures, possibly one for service and another for storage.

Firebird WC0029 Wine Chiller – Capacity

The wine chiller can hold up to 21 bottles of wine.


Seven chrome-plated metallic shelves which comfortably hold the 21 bottles and also displays them elegantly via the paned doors. The shelves can be removed conveniently while cleaning or restocking your wine collection.


External: 13.5″ Width x 20″ Length x 32.25″ Height
Internal: 11″ Width x 13″ Length x 28.25″ Height
Weight: 54.4 pounds when packed for shipping

Voltage and Power

Relatively low energy consumption; the wine chiller has a voltage of 100-120/20 Hz. The power rating is 140 watts.


This new and improved wine chiller is popular with many customers due to its stand out features:

1. Dual zone for storing both red and white wines at different temperatures

2. Electronic touch-pad for temperature adjustments

3. Low energy consumption

4. One year warranty – guaranteed for quality and satisfaction.

5. Two strategically-positioned LED bulbs illuminate the inside of the chiller, giving the wine bottles classy appearance.


The chiller’s thermoelectric system is suited to operate well only in stable and ambient room conditions. Also, this Firebird wine chiller only comes in one color- black, so you don’t have a choice of other colors.

Firebird WC0029 Wine Chiller – Consumer Ratings

Overall a good rating, though not a top performer. This wine chiller has not been in the market for long, hence explaining the lack of ratings (compared to more popular brands like Culinair or NewAir).


Reasonably priced with free shipping on Amazon.

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