Igloo FRW062 Wine Cooler Review

The Igloo FRW062 is considered a wine cooler for first time buyers, who may be budget conscious or are simply trying out a wine cooler. Having a capacity of 6 bottles and at a reasonable pricing, it’s easy to see why some people have opted to buy it. The wine cooler also comes with removable shelves, which is great for storing wines upright.

Igloo FRW062 Features

The Igloo FRW062 is a relatively small wine cooler that can fit into any kitchen. It has a capacity of 6 bottles, although there are options to purchase other models by Igloo with up to 48 bottles capacity.

*Classy black exterior
*Removable shelves


The Igloo FRW062 wine cooler runs on a thermoelectric system, which is known to be quieter and has little to no vibration (as opposed to a compressor system). It also has few moving parts. However, thermoelectric wine coolers may not be as effective in areas with warmer climates. Thankfully, Igloo has a 48-bottle wine cooler that runs on a compressor, for those who live in hot places: The Igloo FRW482C.

Temperature Range and Controls

The wine cooler comes with adjustable temperature controls in the form of a dial that you turn. However, the lack of a screen showing the actual temperature may be a shortcoming. Some users have also experienced problems with the cooling system after 1 year of using this product, and faced challenges in replacing it under warranty.


6 bottles; other models available up to 30 bottles (Thermoelectric) and 48 bottles (Compressor). A possible option for those who wish to store their wines but do not have a huge collection.


Removable wire shelves gives you the option to store larger bottles or store wines upright.

Voltage and Power

With small voltage of 110V, and a thermoelectric system, the Igloo FRW062 does not consume a lot of energy.

Igloo FRW062 Wine Cooler

Igloo FRW062 Dimensions

22.1 x 11.6 x 16.2 inches
Weight: 23 pounds

The unit can be considered lightweight and easy to shift if needed. It’s also a free standing unit that should be left on a counter top or on the floor with sufficient clearance for air (5”).


Frequent wine drinkers may opt for the following accessories. Although not required, they provide added convenience.

*Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener
*Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump
*Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer


Options for small to large models varying from 6 – 48 bottles capacity. Smaller units can fit into your kitchen. Quiet operation.


Lack of screen for temperature controls. Mixed reviews on the product quality.

Igloo FRW062 Consumer Ratings

114 reviews with mixed ratings. With quite a sizeable volume of reviews, there should be enough comments from buyers to decide if this is the right product for you. The main concerns of some people were of the product’s quality (manufactured in China, under license) and the lack of a screen for temperature readings.

Igloo FRW062 Price

Reasonable for the capacity level. Free shipping is also available from Amazon.

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