Kalamera KR-28ASS Wine Chiller Review

Wine refrigeration has become a major trend especially for new and ardent wine lovers who cannot hold large scales of wine bottles. This free-standing wine refrigerator has gained considerable popularity in the wine refrigeration market since its launch in April 2015. Its dependability and affordability on top of its ideal features for wine cooling have played a pivotal role in helping it secure a position in the market.

Kalamera KR-28ASS Wine Chiller – Features

The Kalamera KR-28ASS Wine Chiller is a free-standing appliance, black in color, with sleek stainless steel door frames and handles. The most outstanding configurations of this must have appliance are the 28 wine bottle holding wooden shelves and the stainless steel door frames and handles. It’s relatively accommodative size enables an enthusiast in the winery to hold a good number of bottles at hand without taking so much of their space.


The wine refrigerator operates on a thermoelectric cooling mechanism. Unlike ordinary refrigerators, this means no refrigerant liquid. The machine is thus incredibly quite for a refrigerator, and this can be attributed to the few moving parts of a thermoelectric system. It also has minimal vibrations which usually disturb the sediment in the wine making it have an unpleasant taste.

Temperature Range and Controls

The temperature regulation mechanism of the Kalamera KR-28ASS Wine Chiller is regulated using LED controls which are clearly displayed to ease their use. The controls may require a reset while using for the first time


This appliance can comfortably hold up to 28 wine bottles. This adds up to 2.47 cubic feet, and enables you to store a wide variety of wines


The Kalamera KR-28ASS Wine Chiller has six beech wooden shelves which are illuminated by an easy blue LED lighting that gives the inside of the refrigerator a stylish and attractive outlook.


28.6 inches x 20 inches x 16.9 inches
Weight: 51.8 pounds (shipping weight) / 44.8 (unpacked weight)

Kalamera KR-28ASS Wine Chiller

Voltage and Power

The wine chiller operates at 110 volts and 70 watts of power. In combination with a thermoelectric system this makes it a low energy consumer, so you do not need to worry about your bills.


The Kalamera KR-28ASS Wine Chiller has resilient selling points that make it a superior product amongst other wine refrigerators available:

1. The blue LED illumination inside it works with the wooden shelves to make it look very elegant.

2. Digital temperature modulation enhances accuracy for an optimal temperature for the wines to be kept in.

3. The low vibrations ensured by the thermoelectric mechanism ensures the wines remain naturally sweet, and no bitterness builds.

4. Its twenty-eight bottle capacity enables holding off enough varieties for various occasions.

5. Its quiet operation ensures conversations do not have to compete with its buzzing even when positioned in the living rooms


The Kalamera KR-28ASS Wine Chiller has several shortcomings including the fact that it takes relatively long to cool. Users have also raised concerns about the wooden shelves which are not very stable for holding this many bottles. This calls for extra care when removing or placing wine bottles in it.

Kalamera KR-28ASS Wine Chiller Consumer Ratings

Many customers have rated the Kalamera KR-28ASS Wine Chiller 4-5 stars based on its efficiency and user friendliness.
In our opinion, this is a worthy rating.


The wine chiller is priced reasonably with free shipping in Amazon. There is also a one year warranty on the product.




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