NewAir AW-181E Wine Cooler Review

If you are a wine collector or a connoisseur then the NewAir AW-181E, 18-Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler makes an interesting choice. With its myriad of features, this wine cooler makes a convenient way to cool and store your favorite collection of wine. Read on to find out if it is an excellent choice for wine enthusiasts!

NewAir AW-181E Wine Cooler Features

This wine cooler from NewAir comes with a myriad of features. Take a look below:

• Quiet operations
• Digital thermostat to set the perfect temperature for your wines
• Push button controls
• Freestanding; requires just 4 inches clearance on all sides
• Double pane glass door to enhance insulation
• Accommodates 18 bottles
• Classy build; high grade materials to match your home decor


The NewAir AW-181E Wine Cooler runs on a thermoelectric system that’s silent. In addition, a thermoelectric system doesn’t require parts of the unit to keep on moving while functioning and these results in reduced vibration. With a vibration-free cooler, your wine becomes sediment-free.

Temperature Range and Controls

This wine cooler from NewAir features user-friendly push buttons that allow you to control and adjust the unit’s temperature to your desired level. It also comes with a digital LED light that makes it easier for you to view any adjustment that you do. You can set different levels of temperature with the cooler’s 54 to 66 degrees range, allowing you to custom chill according to your preference. For most wines, a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit is highly recommended.

NewAir AW-181E Wine Cooler


When it comes to capacity, the NewAir AW-181E Wine Cooler offers storage flexibility. Its interior is custom-designed, allowing you to stock 18 standard size wine bottles. The friendly mechanism of the racks inside allows you to pull them out so that larger bottles can be stored inside, too.


The racks or shelves of the NewAir AW-181E Wine Cooler are removable – They can be easily pulled out to allow you to store wine bottles of odd sizes and shapes.


Height: 14 inches; Width: 19.4 inches; Depth: 25.8 inches
Weight 33.9 pounds

Since this wine cooler comes with a compact design, it will be very easy to position it anywhere in your kitchen. It’s also lightweight compared to other wine coolers out there of similar capacity.

NewAir AW-181E Wine Cooler – Voltage Power

The wine cooler from NewAir operates on 120V power – it shouldn’t cost you much as far as electric or energy consumption is concerned.


Shelves or racks are removable so you can easily store bottles of different sizes and shapes; compact design for easy placement; user-friendly; energy-saving; quiet and vibration-free.


Chrome trays are a little thinner, flimsier and lighter but they don’t slide smoothly when you need to get access to the bottles and a much better view of the labels.

NewAir AW-181E Wine Cooler – Consumer Ratings

Over 978 customers of Amazon have reviewed and rated the Wine Cooler and it acquired a well deserved good score. It’s easy to see why it’s this popular- it offers a capacity that’s not too big or small (18 bottles) which works for both hobby drinkers and seasoned wine collectors alike.


The price of the NewAir AW-181E Wine Cooler varies from one seller to another but is competitive in Amazon. There is also free shipping available.


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