What to Look Out For When Buying a Wine Cooler – How to Choose a Wine Cooler

Wine is a beverage that is used and loved all over the world. As wine is made up of different ingredients which react differently to different temperatures and the environment, it is very important to store it in a proper way.

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In order to maintain the purity of wine, wine coolers are picked very carefully. It is quite a task in selecting the best wine cooler for good storage of wines. Wine coolers come in different shapes and sizes with many different features that are adjustable to the environment.


While selecting a wine cooler, the most important point is to look for its capacity – that’s how many bottles the cooler can store. This depends on YOU, the buyer’s needs and preferences. Its size should be larger enough so that one can store their favorite wine in a substantial amount. Mainly, the capacity of the coolers is based on the standard Bordeaux-style bottles.


The next point that should be considered while buying is whether the cooler uses a thermoelectric or compressor system. Wine coolers are of two types, one is thermoelectric and the other is like refrigerators, having a compressor in them. Both of the cooler systems have their own plus points with a few drawbacks. Thermoelectric coolers are mostly known as silent coolers and considered as the best option for people who loves silence. A main drawback is, they don’t bring cool air into the unit as much as they pull heat out of the unit. Because of this they are usually unable to cool wines as much as the compressor coolers can.

What to Look Out For When Buying a Wine Cooler

The Avanti EWC1201 is an example of a thermoelectric wine cooler

Coming to the compressor coolers, they are noisier and function like mini fridges. For people living in hot areas, this kind of cooler is just the right option. The thermostat in the cooler senses the temperature which helps to activate the compressor; this compressor then helps in the stronger cooling of the bottles for a longer time period.


In order to select the best wine cooler, another major point is the shelving option. Good wine coolers, these days come up with different types of shelves in them so that one can store different wines easily. Some coolers also have sliding shelves so that other bottles can be easily seen or taken out without having any trouble in balancing it. The shelves or the compartments made within the coolers helps to organize the bottles without taking too much space. This also helps in keeping one’s kitchen clean and tidy.


Another important point that should be kept under consideration while buying is the weight and dimension of the wine coolers. The best wine cooler for you could be the one that is handy and easy to move. If you frequently move from one place to another because of your job and are also a great lover of wine, you should select a compact, easy-to-move cooler that is lighter in weight.


For those who are serious about wines and who like the idea of storing their wines in the right way, you should definitely consider the above mentioned points when choosing your wine cooler.

You can feel satisfied by your purchase when you are able to drink expensive wines; it tastes just the way it should; and when you have company over at your place – who can enjoy the wines together!

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