Wine Cellars vs Wine Coolers

For the wine lovers, it is very important to understand the difference between wine cellars and wine coolers. Wine cellars are generally used for long term purpose- if one is buying wines to store for years, wine cellars are the best option whereas, wine coolers are generally for shorter periods of time. They are handy and designed to keep wines at a constant, cool temperature before they are drunk.

Another major difference between wine cellars and wine coolers is their capacity of storage. Wine cellars are more like large storage rooms that can store wines for longer periods like months or years. Wine coolers on the other hand are electrical devices, designed to store wine in the short to medium term.

Wine Coolers vs Wine Cellars

Wine coolers can be thermoelectric or can have a compressor. Thermoelectric wine coolers are mostly vibration free with no noise. They are usually not as powerful as the compressor wine coolers in cooling but are a good option for those people who prefer silence. Moreover, thermoelectric coolers are more energy efficient than the compressor ones, since they have less moving parts. Some of the drawbacks of thermoelectric coolers are that they don’t work as well in places where the temperature fluctuates quickly.

On the other hand, compressor coolers are more powerful in cooling and can store more bottles of wine. They adapt quickly when the temperature changes. The disadvantages of owning a compressor cooler are; they have more vibrations and noise due to the moving parts present.

Wine Cooler vs Wine Cellar Capacity

Wine coolers may be small in size and have less capacity of storage, but they are easy to handle and can be easily shifted from one place to another. Moreover, wines that are to be opened soon are stored in such coolers. They not only help in keeping the wine chilled but also maintain its taste.

Wine coolers come in different sizes and shapes. Their price also varies, usually depending on their size and capacity. However the amount spent on wine coolers is usually less than what you would spend on a wine cellar. Wine cellars usually require a room for storage, and all extra costs from the interior design to the installation of shelves has to be incurred by you.

If you are deciding whether to buy a wine cellar or a cooler, you should first look at your own preference, as well as limitations. If you need to store wines for the longer term and have a sizeable budget to spend, you may want to consider a wine cellar in your house. However if you are storing wines for the short run or do not have the budget for a full scale wine cellar, you may want to invest in a wine cooler instead!

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